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What Do Germ Officers Provide?

Commercial and Residential Cleaning Solutions 



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As a seasoned employee in the medical field for over 10 years, the founder Margaret Reid is an expert in disinfecting pathogens. She fully understands the execution of successfully making environments clean and sterile.  Therefore, all employees are trained under her supervision to specialize in disinfecting 99.9% germs.  We want to ensure your safety, and that of your family, clients, customers, and employees while in your facility.  We are now servicing Westchester County, New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey with janitorial cleaning solutions for commercial and residential sites.

Germ Officer Protects and Disinfects!


Companies think of janitorial services as a necessary expense.  However, using Germ Officer's janitorial services will give you an unmatchable shine throughout your facility, increase profits, give your company a competitive advantage, allow you to save money, and increase the safety of you, your clients, customers and employees.  How? You may ask.  


Book a complimentary quote today; we will explain how we can convert your expense to increased financial gains and build the  reputation of your business.  

what WE DO

Germ Officer Commercial Cleaning Services
Germ Officer Residential Cleaning Services


Germ Officer Covid-19 Disinfecting Cleaning Services


Everyday we are learning of new Covid-19 variants that are affecting individuals  all over the world.  Our new norm is finding various ways of  protecting our clients. You can rest assured that if someone in your environment has contracted Covid-19, the first thing to do is call us.  We have developed a sterilizing cleaning method that will optimize safety and a sterilized environment.  We also deposit a solution that can aid with any new cases for up to 6 months. 


Book your complimentary quote today.  We are your conclusion to fostering a safe environment.

Every building/home owner or foreman gets overwhelmed when trying to stay on top of everything during construction.  Many times, they neglect staying on top of contractors cleanliness because it is not considered important at the time.  Throughout our studies, most expenses derive from contractors not keeping the integrity of surfaces, appliances, windows, flooring, etc.  You will benefit from having Germ Officer as your cleaning company.  We are fully knowledgeable of products and methods that are less invasive to remove dust, debris, paint, thin set, grout, excessive caulking, or putty to protect your investment.  Therefore, we can alleviate any added financial dilemmas or stress.  We provide much more than just janitorial services for your site.  We contribute to your overall health and finances.

Book your Complimentary Quote Today! We are here to assist you and protect your investment.  

Germ Officer Move in/ Move Out Cleaning Services


Moving in or out is a time of celebration.  It should not coincide with stress.  Let us alleviate the stress of making your new or old environment clean and assist with giving you a new fresh lifestyle. 

Book your complimentary quote today!  You are one call closer to a new clean start.


Germ Officer Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services


Yes, those are dark stains on your beige carpet.  Yes, your clients are scrutinizing it.   No, you do not need a new carpet.  However, it would be in your best interest to hire us.  Why? We specialize in removing stains and the restoration of your carpet.  


Book your complimentary quote today.  Therefore, we can rehab the carpet in your high traffic area(s).


Germ OfficerPower Washing Cleaning Services


Looking to give your existing commercial or residential site vinyl, brick, concrete, or fence a new look without the added expense or time? Then power washing is a great option.

What is power washing?
Power washing is the safest way to remove paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces by using high powered water levels.

Book your complimentary quote today!  Lets see if we can help you rejuvenate your area or objects and allow you to save money.



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Margaret and her team are highly professional and diligent. Making my virtual appointment was easy and the estimate she gave me was practically spot on. My apartment is 1250 square feet, and they did what is called a deep clean in under three hours. Upon completion, my place was spotless and smelled so good! I am going to hire them to COVID clean my grandmother house for preventative reasons. I highly recommend the Germ Officer team to anyone who is looking for a thorough cleaning.

Clennie David


You are one step closer to receiving the quality service you or your company deserves.

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